The platform (ERP system + Customers front + Partners front) is based on Ruby on Rails/Postgres/GraphQL stack, Typescript/React frontend, some Python modules and integrations with 3rd party solutions via APIs.

Currently, the tech team is about 40 people (including data analysts, product and tech people) including European Tech Support and Local Dedicated Team. We are building the uber-like platform for manufacturing, deploying updates almost every working day, so there is a lot of

interesting work to be done.



  • Core platform development and integrations. We estimate backend/frontend efforts as 50 / 50%.
  • Feature ownership: we discuss the feature, but expect high-level tasks which you can further investigate, work out the solution, implement & deploy. Soft skills and self-organizing is a must.
  • You are the person who creates both front end and back end: design thinking is important both for back end architecture and UI functionality.
  • Active participation in product decisions and architecture, features design and task prioritizing.


Successful candidate

  • Web development experience, including complex projects and structured teamwork
  • Strong backend experience: Ruby on Rails and relevant stack(PostgreSQL, GraphQL,Redis, general Linux experience, Git, etc.)
  • Strong front end experience: Typescript & React, building good UIs without detailed mockups
  • Strong soft skills and teamwork orientation, sufficient English for an international company.
  • Wechat miniApplication related experience would be a plus.


Work conditions

  • English and Chinese speaking tech team in the Chinese branch of a large international company.
  • A developing startup (50 people in China) inside the world market leader (~1000 people in total).
  • Full-time position.
  • Salary is negotiable with each candidate.