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Finishing Services

We offer a number of post-processing and surface finishing services both for CNC machined parts and sheet metal. Post-processing improves characteristics of the parts: their surface roughness, general durability, corrosion resistance, or their appearance.

Coating services

Galvanic Zink

  • Purpose: Zink coating (galvanization) protects parts from rusting.
  • Materials: This method is suitable for steel and iron.

Nickel & Chrome

  • Purpose: Nickel and chrome coatings (plating) are often used for decoration, anti-corrosion purposes or to increase surface hardness.
  • Materials: these methods are suitable for parts out of all metals.

Anodising: Hard & Colour

  • Purpose: Anodising protects parts from corrosion, provides durability, and makes parts non-conductive. Parts can be dyed upon anodizing.
  • Materials: anodizing is suitable only for aluminium and titanium.
  • Available colours: black hard coat, black, blue, gold, grey hard coat, green, natural hard coat, Natural, Orange, Red).

Surface finishing


  • Purpose: polishing is used to remove marks left from CNC-machining, contamination and oxidation and improve appearance of the parts.
  • Materials: applicable for all materials.


  • Purpose: bead blasting is used mainly for improving appearance characteristics of ready parts.
  • Materials: applicable for all materials.

Painting & Powder coating

  • Purpose: powder coating is used to increase smoothness of surfaces and make parts resistant to corrosion. Powder coating can be also used for colouring purposes.
  • Materials: applicable for all materials.

Heat treatment

Quenching and tempering

  • Purpose: quenching is used to increase surface hardness of parts. Tempering reduces brittleness of the parts.
  • Materials: this method is suitable mainly for steel alloys.

Normalizing and tempering

  • Purpose: normalization or annealing process eliminates stresses from CNC machined parts, which stabilizes mechanical properties of the parts, while tempering reduces brittleness of the parts.
  • Materials: stress relieving is suitable for all alloys. Tempering is suitable for only steel alloys.

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